Exploring Job, Work Skills & Support

Customized Employment

Man sitting at table being assisted in filling out paperwork by a women sitting next to him.

CE is the person centered approach to supportive employment. CE helps clients move beyond just getting ANY job. Instaed it focuses on current job skills, interest and passions to create a career path.

Supportive Employment

Man working in a kitchen with gloves on holding food product.

If you have work experience in the past and your interested in working again SE may be the solution you need. Traditional supports such as job development, job coach, and on the job training.

Pre-Vocational Services

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Everyone isn't ready for work right now, but that dosent mean you cant learn the skills and work ethic it takes to join the work force successfully.

Case Management & Support

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Navigating the world of disability services and work related programs can be difficult. CC Inc can assist with understanding waivers, programs and getting the right services to help ensure YOUR success!