Why and How Employers choose SE

What is Supported Employment program?

The supported employment program is an individual placement and support model of supported employment. Staffed by employment specialists or job coaches. Just after enrollment, each participant is assisted in a rapid job search based on the participant’s educational background, work preferences, and previous work experience. 

How does job coach work with employer?

Once employed, participants receive on-the-job training and follow-along support to facilitate job maintenance. Employment specialists have contact at least once every two weeks with participants and at least monthly with work supervisors, the treatment team, or other relevant individuals.

Bennifits to Employers

Creating an inclusive workplace can reduce turnover costs as people with disabilities tend to keep their jobs longer (62% of employees with a disability have been at the same job three years or longer); employees with disabilities have the same or better absentee and sick rates as non-disabled employees. Industry reports consistently rate workers with disabilities as average or above average in performance, quality and quantity of work, flexibility to demands, attendance and safety.