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Social Media Use

Girl taking a selfie with her friends.

Learn to use Facebook,
and Instagram while hanging out
and making friends.
Gain social skills in supportive settings.

Using Transportation

Bus stop with a man and women waiting seperatly to board bus and another women about to enter bus.

Being able to be independent or semi-independent wth your transportation allows people to engage in activities when they WANT to. Learning to use bus services, uber, lyft and other ride share programs gives independence and true person centered life styles.

Understanding my Diagnosis

Theapy group sitting in a circle ouside on chairs talking.

Support groups to understand physical health diagnosis like diabites, mental health diagnosis like anxiety or ADHD, or co-morbidity with multiple diagnoisis.

Working through Grief

Women sitting against the wall alone crying holding her face in her hands

Adults with Intellectual and Development disabilities are faced with grief just as everyone else is.  Here they can learn the skills to address grief and the stages of grieving on all levels.

Making Friends

Group of friends giving high five to the group.

Learning how we can meet people, get to know them, and evaluate relationship to see if we are friends.

Learning about God

Spirituality is such an important aspect to who we are. Get the opportunity to attend church services, bible studies and other spiritual events and activities.

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